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Lubricants and greases are essential for reducing friction between moving parts, protecting against corrosion, promoting cooling through heat dissipation and preventing excess wear. Fuel Ox® is where you’ll find the world’s best additives and lubricants. Period.

Our Premium-Quality Lubricants and Greases

We offer a complete selection of greases and lubricants designed for multiple industries and applications.

Infinity Lube™ Tar-Minator

Our Infinity Lube™ Tar-Minator is the ultimate asphalt and tar remover. Get faster removal and long-lasting results that let you spend more time working and less time cleaning up.

Infinity Lube™ Super Grease

Fuel Ox®’s innovative engineers have transformed this solution into a true metal conditioner that interacts on a micron level to strengthen and smooth the metal while enhancing its surface.

Infinity Lube™ Super Spray

Our easy-to-use spray lubricant allows for controlled application on all exposed parts that undergo friction. Enjoy exceptional performance and corrosion resistance with HDI-2500-powered technology.

Infinity Lube™ Bullseye

We developed Infinity Lube™ Bullseye as the market’s first gun metal conditioner specifically for barrel interiors and sliding friction contacts. Ensure these firearm components stay completely functional and ready for smooth action when necessary.

Infinity Lube™ Liquid Friction Eliminator

If you’re looking for a reaction, we have one for you — phase transformations metallurgy. It’s a fancy, scientific way of saying the Infinity Lube™ Liquid Friction Eliminator creates hardened, seasoned, well-conditioned and smooth contact points.

Infinity Lube™ Cool-Ox

Our Infinity Lube™ Cool-Ox is the market’s only proven metal lubricant of its kind, precisely crafted for heat transfer performance in HVAC evaporator coils and condensers. As it works, Cool-Ox conditions, cleans and creates laminar surfaces with extremely low friction coefficients. The results? Less amperage used and colder air.

What Makes Fuel Ox® Lubricants and Greases Different?

Fuel Ox® lubricants and greases go beyond the standard offerings in several ways.

Unlike our competitors’ products, our lubricants and greases are 100% plant-based and toxin-free. Additionally, our entire Infinity Lube™ line is USDA biobased certified. We’ve scientifically engineered our plant-based formulas without halogen-class gasses, citrus-based ingredients that disrupt waterways, or powdered plastics and metals. Super Grease is NSF H1 food grade, while Super Spray features a pleasant essential oil-derived scent.

Fuel Ox® provides exceptional value with innovative compositions for rugged environments. Our products outlast traditional options without using as much to get the results you want and need, saving you money. We also offer bulk pricing and free shipping on qualifying commercial orders to help your company maximize its budget.

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