Meet the Fuel Ox

The Fuel Ox is dedicated to providing fuel consumers the most technologically advanced fuel treatments on the market.

Our advanced formulas were originally developed for extraordinarily high intensity applications. Over time, our fuel treatments were modified for commercial applications.

Product Family

The Original Fuel Ox

Fuel Ox is a multifunctional and performance enhancing additive that contains lubricity agents, detergents, as well as a patented catalyst that improves overall vehicle performance.

Fuel Ox Marine

A multifunctional and performance enhancing marine additive. The product’s ability to increase lubricity and power while protecting against sludge and ethanol make Fuel Ox Marine stand out from other marine additives.

Fuel Ox H.O.T.

The Fuel Ox Heating Oil Additives Line offers a heating oil additives line that is designed to reduce fuel related service calls and increase customer satisfaction with heating oil.

Fuel Ox RACK

A multipurpose additive for all year round that protects and improves overall efficiency of vehicles and engines. These products are specifically designed for bulk use in gas stations and fuel terminals. Fuel Ox also provides a Winter RACK additive.

I met Rand Taylor, President of Fuel Ox at the 2016 New England Boat Show in Boston, MA. We talked extensively about today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and the additives available to boost horsepower, reduce soot, increase lubricity and reduce vibration. Fishing for Giant Bluefin Tuna with a harpoon requires a smooth running engine to allow you to get close to the fish. I use a lot of fuel over the course of a fishing season, sometimes Biodiesel (B20), other times off road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. I have been using Fuel Ox since the beginning of the fishing season and have just finished my second bottle. The engines in both boats are running great, with very little soot, no algae problems and a definite increase in performance and efficiency. Unlike other additives, you only need to add a small amount to treat a lot of fuel, so a bottle goes a long way. I am now using it in my tractor as well. I highly recommend it for any diesel application.

Tyler Macallister — Captain, F/V Cynthia C