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Industry has struggled forever to find a way to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining its capital equipment. Friction and inefficient combustion are the greatest destroyers of machinery, efficiency, and the environment. We provide the industrial world with the most powerful lubricants and fuel additives that not only extend the life of equipment but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption, maintenance, and replacement parts costs.

The Fuel Ox® Infinity Lube™ and Fuel Ox® fuel additive line of products have accomplished this and by doing so offer value far beyond that of our competition. Our patented lubricant and fuel additive formulas, derived from renewable plant sources, are proven to deeply penetrate surfaces and reduce friction. They have been tested against all competitive products in the marketplace and our results show that they outlast conventional oil by up to 4x while reducing emissions by up to 50%.

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Less Emissions • Better Fuel Economy •
More Power


A multifunctional and performance enhancing additive with Combustion Catalyst that provides sustainability, reduction in maintenance costs and emissions, and an increase of fuel efficiency. Contains lubricity agents, detergents, emulsifier, and stabilizers.

Prolongs Life of Fuel-Related Components

Increases Fuel Efficiency by 5-10%

1 Gallon Treats 10,000 Gallons of Gas or Diesel

Reduces CO2, NO, NOx, H2S, and more!

Lubricates • Conditions • Case Hardens

Extreme Lubrication for Unstoppable Performance

 Built to last in the most extreme rugged environments where other greases fail, including automotive, heavy equipment, marine, and industrial environments. For Light & Heavy Duty Applications.
infinity lube™ liquid friction eliminatorinfinity lube™ super spray

Strengthen & Smooth at Micron Level

Excellent in Moist or Wet Environments

Reduces Wear Over 700% More than Others

Minimizes Downtime & Extends Equipment Lifespan

Lubricates • Protects • Case Hardens

Extends life of metal, minimizes downtime, gives unsurpassed protection

A premium penetrating lubricant spray, cleaner, cutting fluid, and degreaser fortified with our patented metal conditioning formula. Contains no petroleum, made with plant-based essential oils, is "green" and toxin free.

infinity lube™ liquid friction eliminatorinfinity lube™ super spray

Conditions & Strengthens at a Micron Level

Outstanding Barrier Performance Against Abrasive Particles

Loosens & Releases Rusted, Stuck, or Frozen Parts

Anti-Corrosive Properties Impede Metal Degradation

Stabilizes • Reduces CFPP • Prevents Sludge

Improves fuel system efficiency. Greatly reduces winter fuel-related issues

A multifunctional indoor/outdoor heating oil additive that protects fuel systems from freezing and sludge build-up while maintaining the fuel system condition.

Reduces Fuel-Related Service Calls

Lowers Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) by 25° or More!

Cleans & Lubricates Fuel System

Improves Combustion & Overall Fuel System Efficiency

Fuel Ox® is set apart from others on the market

Fuel Ox® is superior in many respects including fuel efficiency, pollution reduction, parts maintenance, and more. Our product has a higher concentration, it's soluble in petroleum-based fuels (gas, diesel, kerosene, heavy fuel oils, etc.), and it just runs right.


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CHOOSE Cutting-Edge Technology That Improves both Efficiency & Sustainability

All Fuel Ox® fuel additives significantly reduce greenhouse gases & noxious fumes expelled into the environment while using less fossil fuels to operate equipment. The entire Fuel Ox® Infinity Lube™ family of lubricants is biobased and toxin free, therefore it's safe for the environment and “Green!"

In addition, Fuel Ox® products reduce routine maintenance costs, extend engine life, and reduce the cost of replacement fuel filters. Our products are also very economical for end users as a single ounce can treat over to 80 gallons of fuel.

With these advantages, it's no wonder that Fuel Ox® is setting the new standard in lubrication and fuel additives.

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