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When it comes to keeping boats and other vessels in tip-top condition, you can rely on our marine fuel additives to give you a treatment that’s efficient, sustainable and long-lasting. Our fuel additives for boats, big or small, are designed with the utmost quality and cutting-edge technology to enhance operational efficiency. More than that, these eco-friendly treatments reduce harmful emissions by over 50%.

Find the Best Marine Fuel Additive for You

Our inventory of marine fuel treatments provides you with specific choices based on your requirements. If you’re looking for a fuel stabilizer in preparation for winter, there’s the Fuel Ox Marine® Winter Shock. We also offer a go-to, multi-functional solution for your boat with our Fuel Ox Marine® With Combustion Catalyst. Explore the most suitable marine fuel additive for your boat with Fuel Ox® and keep your engine running efficiently with less downtime.

Fuel Ox Marine® With Combustion Catalyst

Get the most out of our complete marine fuel treatment and see the difference in vessel performance and fuel efficiency rate. Our patented Fuel Ox Marine® With Combustion Catalyst is simply the best fuel additive for boats on the market. It increases fuel efficiency and engine horsepower, reduces soot or smoke by 50% or more, prevents corrosion, lubricates parts and cleans the overall fuel system to prolong the longevity of your boat

Fuel Ox Marine® Winter Shock

Winter is a season that may be challenging for your boats. Maintain fuel efficiency during the colder months with the best marine diesel fuel stabilizer that also works for gas. Our Fuel Ox Marine® Winter Shock is an end-of-season treatment that stabilizes fuel for up to two years. Save time and money from fuel degrading with a reliable solution that lasts.

What Separates Fuel Ox Marine® From the Competition?

Choosing the right fuel additive for your boat is crucial. It either makes or breaks the fuel shelf life and your engine life. As experts in the industry, our marine fuel additives promote a clean, efficient fuel system by removing water, eliminating sludge and limiting phase separation.

We incorporate our patented Combustion Catalyst to develop a top-of-the-line fuel treatment that stabilizes and enhances boat performance. With a highly concentrated fuel additive, it’s a cost-effective solution for every vessel owner.

Save Money and Time on Premium Marine Fuel Additives

Ensure the efficiency of your boat with a powerful marine fuel additive from Fuel Ox®. Purchase our marine fuel treatments online or visit one of our local retailers. You can also connect with us for any questions about our products or inquiries about our bulk pricing on commercial orders.