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Almost 5 million Americans rely on oil to heat their homes — 82% of them are in the Northeast, where the winter weather can be unkind. When the cold, snow and ice arrive, a properly performing furnace ensures residents stay warm as efficiently as possible.

A scientifically proven heating oil additive from Fuel Ox® can help.

Our Heating Oil Additives

Fuel Ox® creates various heating oil formulations to meet your furnace’s needs.

Fuel Ox® Star Plus­™ Bio

Our Fuel Ox® Star Plus™ Bio is ideal for indoor and outdoor tanks using biofuel blends rated B-20 or higher. We’ve engineered this formula to boost system efficiency and lower the Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) more than any other additive available. Reduce sludge, ice, corrosion, water contamination and fuel oxidation with one simple, effective solution.

Fuel Ox® Star Plus­™

We designed Fuel Ox® Star Plus™ for increased fuel stability in exterior and interior tanks. Minimize the risks of common issues and costly service calls. This formulation helps safeguard against corrosion, gelled fuel, sludge, water and ice formation.

Fuel Ox® Heating Oil Treatment

Our signature Fuel Ox® heating oil treatment is perfect for limiting issues in indoor tanks. Reduce the potential for unexpected service calls and boost reliability through more stable fuel and less water, sludge, oxidation and corrosion. This formula is compatible with most common heating oils and bio-blends.

Why Fuel Ox® Is the Best Choice for Heating Oil Additives

We set ourselves apart from our competition in multiple ways.


Fuel Ox® has been a trusted partner to businesses in many industries and individual homeowners since 2014. Our industry experience and expertise have led to groundbreaking new formulas that offer more benefits than the market’s traditional solutions.


Exceptional service forms the cornerstone of everything we do. Our team prides itself on going the extra mile for our customers and happily answers any questions or provides advice. You’ll enjoy responsive, friendly and personalized service with every interaction.


Not all heating oil treatments are created equally. We produce ours to exacting quality standards to ensure our solutions do more than just meet your expectations — they exceed them.


Fuel Ox® provides value through competitive pricing and money-saving opportunities. Our heating oil additives are available for bulk commercial purchase with volume discounts. The formulas we’ve engineered are super-concentrated, so you can use less. Plus, they help extend your furnace’s longevity and reduce the need for service calls.

Boost Performance With Fuel Ox® Heating Oil Treatments

You can find Fuel Ox® solutions at select local retailers or purchase directly online. Please contact a dedicated specialist online for personalized ordering assistance or bulk commercial pricing requests.