Fuel Ox Cold Charge reduces the effects of wax, water and particulate in cold weather. It is designed to replace the lubricity agents stripped from today’s low sulfur diesel fuels. Fuel Cold Ox Cold Charge is tested safe and effective in all petroleum fuels. Fuel Ox Cold Charge™ contains a patented combustion catalyst that catalyst allows for the fuel to combust 200°F lower than the normal combustion point and burn at a longer rate. The result: a cleaner and more productive combustion of your fuel. The cleaner combustion provides less buildup of soot in your diesel particulate filter which means less regenerations, a cleaner burn of fuel and a significant reduction in exhaust emissions.

Treatment Ratio
3 ounces 180 gallons
8 ounces 475 gallons
16 ounces 950 gallons
Half gallon 3,750 gallons

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