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Finding a fuel additive that works for all seasons may be a challenge, but not with Fuel Ox®. As your trusted partner for reliable fuel additives, lubricants and beyond, we’ve developed fuel treatments that go a long way, whatever time of the year. Save your machines, money, time and the environment with a more concentrated fuel additive that refines fuel efficiency and reduces emissions.

Fuel Additive for Every Season

Each all-season fuel additive from our collection is designed to improve vehicle performance and stabilize fuel. We offer fuel treatments that are proven to increase lubricity and ineffective combustion to extend the longevity of your machine. These are also more concentrated compared to other options on the market to cut back costs and keep your inventory small.

Fuel Ox® With Combustion Catalyst

This highly concentrated fuel treatment improves fuel efficiency up to 5 to 10% while also reducing DPF regenerations by a whopping 60% or more. The Combustion Catalyst works wonders in lowering the temperature and burning more fuel in the combustion cycle. As a result, this patented fuel treatment contributes to the prevention of fuel issues to optimize performance in any combustible engine, from automobiles to heavy equipment.

Fuel Ox® Asphaltene

Inhibit the formation of asphaltenes and ensure seamless vehicle operation. Our Fuel Ox® Asphaltene removes asphaltenes and prevents problems caused by asphaltene formation, including inefficient combustion capabilities. It also helps in the stabilization of fuel.

Fuel Ox® Rack All-Season

We crafted a fuel additive that caters to all your seasonal needs. The Fuel Ox® Rack All-Season removes water and other contaminants, stabilizes and increases lubricity to improve vehicle performance.

Why Should You Choose Our All-Season Fuel Additives?

Whether it’s for vehicle performance or fuel economy, Fuel Ox® understands the importance of having a go-to fuel additive for all seasons. We create specific fuel treatments that fit a particular need — for asphaltene prevention or all-season protection. Use it anytime, anywhere.

Beyond our dedication to superior products, we also give priority to the environment. This makes our selection of all-season fuel additive products like no other. Our fuel treatments help in the performance and efficiency of machinery without compromising our environmental missions. We develop products that reduce emissions, increase fuel economy and reduce the need for replacement parts that not only outperform competitors in the market but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Stock Your Inventory With Fuel Ox®

We supply different fuel treatments for every season. Discover our best all-season fuel additives at select local stores or buy them online. If you’re interested in commercial orders for bulk pricing, contact us today.