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If you live in a colder climate, you know winter is hard on more than skin, people and pets. It also affects your vehicle’s engine and fuel systems, causing liquids to become more viscous and making starter motors work harder.

Fuel Ox® winter fuel additives are perfect for easing the season’s impact on your trusted workhorses or favorite ride.

Our Lineup of Winter Fuel Additives

We offer a broad selection of additives to meet your needs.

Fuel Ox® Cold Charge

We’ve engineered Fuel Ox® Cold Charge to be an anti-gel solution that extends engine life spans and boosts performance. Wax anti-settling additives prevent crystals from crowding together at the tank’s bottom and clogging up your fuel filters. Our formulation features cold pour point capability and superior lubrication characteristics for any combustible engine — testing has verified its compatibility and 100% solubility with diesel and heavy or middle distillate fuel.

Fuel Ox® Freeze Guard

Fuel Ox® Freeze Guard is our military-grade anti-gel fuel additive, crafted for dependable performance in rugged applications. It prevents fuel gelling and freezing while reducing water and cold filter plugging point (CFPP). Testing has shown Freeze Guard lowers CFPP by up to 45 degrees.

Fuel Ox® Winter Max

Our Fuel Ox® Winter Max is a super-concentrated formula that helps limit ice and wax crystal growth in filters. It’s the ultimate diesel fuel additive for winter, empowering smooth fuel flow even in temps as low as minus 20 degrees.

Fuel Ox® Heat Bomb

Fuel Ox® Heat Bomb is an emergency diesel anti-gel additive for those times when starting up right away is the only option. We’ve created it to thaw and restore frozen or gelled fuel safely and swiftly.

Fuel Ox® Rack Winter

A constant customer favorite redefined for winter weather performance! Fuel Ox® Rack Winter is ideal for cold pour point use, with a proprietary formulation that delivers exceptional lubrication, extended engine life and better performance — even with more challenging fuels. It’s fully compatible with any combustible engine and 100% soluble with most common fuels.

What Sets Fuel Ox® Additives Apart From the Competition?

Individuals and companies across many industries have trusted Fuel Ox® since 2014 for the value we provide.

We originally developed our flagship Combustion Catalyst technology for high-intensity operating environments — those of the U.S. military. This patented formula is the only one of its kind available and promotes a clean, highly efficient burn for gas and diesel fuels alike. As a result of its total combustion, vehicles enjoy decreased emissions, better power, higher fuel economy, less soot and smoke, and fewer regenerations.

Our concentrated formulas meet rigid quality standards and provide better results than traditional options. You’ll save money by using less, achieving more and giving your engines a longer life.

Be Prepared With Fuel Ox® Winter Fuel Additives

The cold is no match for our innovative and unique winter fuel additive formulations. Be weather-ready by stocking up online or visiting your local retailer. For questions or bulk pricing on commercial orders, please connect with us online.