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Does Fuel Ox® really work?

Of course! But don't just take it from us, hear it from current Fuel Ox® customers. Still not sure? Get in touch with our Customer Care team at 1.844.8.FUELOX and we'll ship you a special trial bundle so you can see the amazing results firsthand!

What is a "Combustion Catalyst?"

Catalytic combustion is defined as the use of catalyst technology to improve combustion. In the case of Fuel Ox®, our organometallic combustion catalyst lowers the combustion point by around 200°F. By doing so, we create a more complete combustion, a more thorough burn, thus reducing emissions by as much as 60% or more. Learn more about how our Combustion Catalyst works here.

What is "HDI-2500?"

HDI, short for "Hardened Deformation Interfaces," is an innovative solution that can withstand temperatures of up to 2,500°F. Created through a combination of mechanical and material science, HDI-2500 is an induction hardening fluid designed to condition metal surfaces in place. It boasts exceptional lubricity, reducing friction by 90% and preventing wear by an impressive 700%. HDI-2500 is a unique blend of botanical oils carefully bonded in a specific molecular order, resulting in elongated and stressed molecules. This stress allows HDI-2500 to swiftly penetrate heat-generating interfaces, initiating its powerful action even at temperatures as low as 90°F.

Once HDI-2500 reaches the contact interface, it undergoes a "Tribostatic charge" reaction with the carbon of steel, liberating Iron Oxide Ions. These ions react to produce significant amounts of nitrogen in the oil, enabling the carbon in the steel to absorb the resins and nitrogen. This absorption of HDI-2500 facilitates plastic deformation or super polishing forging, while the final Tribostatic charge reaction incorporates the absorbed nitrogen into the carbon, resulting in a surface hardening of 5 microns deep and a hardness increase of 20 points on the R"c" scale.

By hardening the contact interfaces, HDI-2500 firmly bonds the lubricity of the resin into the carbon, effectively eliminating 90% of friction and reducing wear by a staggering 700%, even under extreme temperatures reaching up to 2,500°F.

For a visual demonstration of the power of Infinity Lube, we recommend watching our YouTube video featuring the inventor Howie Damron.

Which industries does Fuel Ox® serve?

We service a wide range of Industries, including Factories, Fuel Delivery, Fuel Terminals & Stations, Generators, Heating Oil, Heavy Machinery & Construction, HVAC/Air Conditioning, Machine Shops, Marine, Mining, Municipalities, Transportation, Trucking, and Workboats. Our products can also be used in personal equipment like trucks, cars, lawn mowers, boats, and personal watercrafts.

What is the Fuel Ox® Sustainability Program?

Our Sustainability Program consists of using Fuel Ox® Infinity Lube™ products along with Fuel Ox® fuel additives to achieve better efficiency, cleaner combustion, and decreased industrial waste.

How does Fuel Ox® differ from similar products on the market?

Fuel Ox® is superior in many respects relating to its improvements in fuel efficiency, pollution reduction, parts maintenance, and more! Our products are manufactured to higher concentrations, are soluble in petroleum-based fuels such as gas, diesel, kerosene, and other heavy fuel oils. Still not convinced? Check out our Reviews & Testimonials to hear from real Fuel Ox® customers!

How does Infinity Lube differ from other products on the market?

Traditional lubrication technology relies on the "Film Strengths" of toxic and persistent chemicals to minimize friction between contacting interfaces. However, Infinity Lube introduces a revolutionary Bio-Base technology that takes lubrication to the next level. Not only does it reduce friction, but it also enhances surface finish through super polishing techniques. Furthermore, Infinity Lube strengthens the contacting interfaces by increasing their hardness by 20 points on the R"c" scale and permanently bonding a unique "Tribobondfilm" to the carbon molecules in the steel.

Unlike other lubricants, this bonded "Tribobondfilm" of lubricity cannot be removed by acids, alcohols, or any other chemicals. Infinity Lube's permanent bonding capability ensures its effectiveness even at temperatures as high as 2,500°F, eliminating 90% of friction and reducing wear by an outstanding 700%. By arresting the breakdown of the Tribo system, Infinity Lube effectively prevents the initiation of acidic corrosion and fretting, resulting in a truly sustainable lubrication system.

The innovative Bio-Base technology and long-lasting bonding properties of Infinity Lube provide a superior alternative to conventional lubricants, offering both exceptional performance and sustainability.

Is Fuel Ox® EPA Registered?
Is Infinity Lube USDA Certified?
Infinity Lube™ Liquid Friciton Eliminator and Infinity Lube™ Super Spray are USDA Certified as a Bio-Base product, Water Way and Aquatic Life Safe. 
Does Fuel Ox® have any testimonials or reviews?

Absolutely! You can hear from many satisfied Fuel Ox® customers on our Reviews page. Need some specific feedback from customers similar to your use case? Contact us at 1.844.8.FUELOX and we'll share more details.

How long has Fuel Ox® been used?

The Fuel Ox® formula has been in use for approximately 30 years. That's how you know you can rely on it!

Are Fuel Ox® products toxic?
Toxicity varies from product to product, as not all Fuel Ox®  formulations are crafted with the same ingredients. Please read the MSDS/TDS documents at the bottom of each product page for the most comprehensive analysis of the composition and toxicity of our products. Though we pride ourselves on using clean & green ingredients, Fuel Ox® products are intended for industrial use and therefore should be handled as you would any other industrial chemical/additive.
Does Infinity Lube contain Moly (or other toxic chemicals)?
Infinity Lube consists botanical oils certified by the USDA to contain ZERO toxic Fossil's, toxins and forever chemicals such as Molybdenum disulfide, PTFE's or Nanoparticles.   
Are Infinity Lube™ products toxic?

Infinity Lube™'s products have as their base plant derived formulas and are therefore non-toxic. Please read the MSDS/TDS documents at the bottom of each product page for the most comprehensive analysis of the composition of our products.

Does Fuel Ox® contain Glycol Ether and/or alcohol?

No way! Glycol ether as well as alcohol are corrosive elements and would damage an engine if added to your fuel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Usage

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What is the ratio of Fuel Ox® to fuel?

One gallon of our flagship Fuel Ox® with Combustion Catalyst product treats 10,000 gallons of fuel. Some of our winter treatments require a higher concentration for optimal efficiency, with one gallon treating 7,500 gallons of fuel. Looking for more information? Check each product's page to see exactly how much fuel each gallon of Fuel Ox® product can treat.

Does Fuel Ox® need to be mixed or stirred with fuel?
Nope! Fuel Ox® additives are poured directly into the fuel tank and react with your fuel on a molecular level, similar to how a strand of DNA might be modified by genetic sequencing.
What kind of fuel does Fuel Ox® treat?

Fuel Ox® products are compatible with all petroleum-based fuels including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and heating oil.

Can Infinity Lube™ Super Grease fit a grease gun?
Infinity Lube Grease cartridges and barrels are all standard sizes to work with your existing lubrication equipment.
How and where do I add Infinity Lube™ Liquid Friction Eliminator?

Liquid Friction Eliminator (LFE) is a highly effective oil additive formulated at a 2oz. / Qrt. ratio. LFE is designed to enhance the performance of various types of oils, including hydraulic, gearing, engine, mineral, petroleum, and synthetic oils. With LFE, you can rest assured that it is safe to use in all oil lubricated systems, with the exception of those equipped with a wet bath clutch or frictional drive. PLEASE NOTE THAT LFE SHOULD NOT BE USED IN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS.

By incorporating Infinity Lube into your existing oil, you will experience the remarkable elimination of frictional drag within your system. This breakthrough additive allows your machinery to operate at cooler temperatures while achieving a notable increase in efficiency. Depending on the size and type of your system, efficiency gains can range from a remarkable 5% to an impressive 35%.

LFE brings a new level of performance to your oil lubricated systems, optimizing their operation and delivering tangible benefits. Experience the power of LFE and witness the positive impact it can have on the performance and efficiency of your machinery.

What can I use Infinity Lube™ Super Spray on?

Infinity Lube Super Spray is a versatile solution with an infinite range of applications. This remarkable product can be safely applied to various materials, including plastics, rubber, and all types of metals.

Super Spray is a true multi-purpose spray, offering a multitude of functions. It serves as a high-performance lubricant that not only eliminates friction but also provides case hardening properties. Additionally, it functions as a dry lubricant, a penetrant for freeing up seized parts, a rust protector, a rust remover, a cleaner degreaser, and a cutting and tapping oil. It even enhances the longevity of knife edges and acts as a weld anti-spatter agent.

To establish a permanent bond with the surface, it is necessary to generate a static charge. This can be achieved by using 0000 steel wool or a steel wire wheel brush. We encourage you to consult with our knowledgeable team regarding your specific application to ensure optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Payment

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How does Fuel Ox® handle shipping/fulfillment?

Fuel Ox® prides itself on both the simplicity and efficacy of its shipping & fulfillment logistics. Click here to review our current Shipping Policy.

How does Fuel Ox® handle returns/exchanges?

Fuel Ox® prioritizes customer satisfaction above everything else. Comprehensive info on our Returns & Exchange Policy can be found here.

Can Fuel Ox® be delivered in single-use containers?

Yes, simply contact us with your requirements and we'll make sure you're fully stocked for your unique application.

How many 55 gallon drums fit in a 40 foot shipping container?

160 drums weighing approximately 69,000 pounds.

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