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Carry this compact and powerful fuel treatment from one point to the next. Our Over-The-Road line of fuel is your go-to solution for fuel efficiency and engine longevity. With Fuel Ox®, you get superior products that help your vehicle last longer while doing your part for a more sustainable environment.

OTR Fuel Additives Wherever You Go

Browse our inventory of Over-The-Road fuel additives and enjoy the ease of size of carrying a fuel treatment anywhere, anytime. Use our fuel treatments with every fill-up and see the difference in vehicle operation and fuel economy.

Fuel Ox® OTR

Rely on our Fuel Ox® OTR for all-season fuel productivity. These Over-The-Road line fuel additives are meant to boost fuel efficiency up to 5 to 8%. The combustion catalyst enables the fuel to combust at a lower temperature. With a more productive combustion cycle, you get less soot buildup and fewer DPF regenerations. All in all, it contributes to emissions reduction.  Additionally, the Fuel Ox® OTR can treat up to 120 gallons of gas or diesel.

Fuel Ox® Cold Charge OTR

When the temperature drops, there’s a tendency for diesel gelling that can cause engine performance issues. These circumstances have a negative impact on the fuel system and vehicle operation in the long run. Protect the overall fuel system during winter with our ever-reliable Fuel Ox® Cold Charge OTR. Equipped with an anti-gel feature, this fuel treatment is specifically formulated for the colder months to help the vehicle use fuel efficiently. The product also contains our Combustion Catalyst component that helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions and DPF regenerations, and can treat up to 120 gallons.

Fuel Ox® Freeze Guard OTR

Prevent diesel gelling that affects your engine’s capabilities during winter. Our Fuel Ox® Freeze Guard OTR improves fuel efficiency and lowers CFPP for the frosty months. Since a 3-ounce bottle treats up to 120 gallons, it is a cost-effective fuel treatment that will last for a long time.

Why Pick Our Over-The-Road Line of Products?

Fuel Ox® develops solutions that benefit many industries, such as heavy machinery, marine, transportation and fuel terminals. The variety of industries that we serve contributes to our solid expertise — to provide you with top-notch fuel treatments that meet stringent industry requirements. You can also make use of our commercial pricing for bulk requests and save money. Beyond our premium products, we take pride in our mission to supply environmentally friendly solutions.

Prioritize Your Vehicle, Pick Fuel Ox®

At Fuel Ox®, we offer the right solution for you — something that is effective, reliable and sustainable. Order our OTR fuel additives today from our website or from one of our local stores. If you need any help with your purchase, contact us, and our team of experts will be ready to assist you.