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Combustion Catalyst

In the fuel industry, fuel additives vary greatly in terms strengths & weaknesses. But when it comes to Fuel Ox®, our products stand out from their competitors due to our patented Combustion Catalyst: a component unseen in any other fuel additive. Our Combustion Catalyst is key to what makes Fuel Ox® the most powerful & reliable fuel additive in the world.

Our Combustion Catalyst benefits both on-road & off-road equipment spanning many industries, and its inclusion ensures a cleaner, more complete burn for both diesel and gas. This high-efficiency, complete combustion results in better fuel economy, greater power, less soot & smoke, decreased emissions, and therefore: less regenerations.

Whether you’re in trucking, busing, fracking, sanitation, or just trying to squeeze every bit of performance out of your pickup, you'll love all the advantages of using the Fuel Ox® Combustion Catalyst.

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Combustion Catalyst Protects Preserves Stabilizes Your Equipment & Our Environment

Fuel Ox® Combustion Catalyst

How It Works

The Fuel Ox® fuel catalyst operates in three key steps, as depicted in Figures 1, 2, and 3.

fuel ox combustion catalyst step 1
Combustion Catalyst

Figure #1

In untreated fuel: Polarization of the fuel molecules causes them to clump together.

Clumps of fuel molecules form, typically due to their electrical charge.

fuel ox combustion catalyst step 2
Combustion Catalyst

Figure #2

Air cannot reach the molecules inside the clumps. This causes a less complete combustion cycle which results in emissions.

The clumps of fuel molecules hinder air penetration through injectors and leading to uncombusted fuel which is evidenced by black smoke or soot in the exhaust.

fuel ox combustion catalyst step 3
Combustion Catalyst

Figure #3

With the Fuel Ox® catalyst, the molecules are exposed to more oxygen, enabling the fuel to burn more thoroughly, achieve a more complete combustion, and a reduction of the combustion initiation temperature.

By neutralizing this polarization, the catalyst disassembles the fuel clumps, priming them for oxygenation and thorough combustion. This enhanced exposure to air ensures a more complete combustion, facilitating engine injectors to oxygenate fuel more efficiently, resulting in a reduced combustion initiation temperature, reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency.

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