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The New Fuel Contaminant: Asphaltenes

Over 500 refineries worldwide turn oil into fuels that we use to power our cars, trucks, and construction equipment every day. Unfortunately these fuels run the risk of contamination. One of the overlooked contaminants that heavy machinery and trucking operators are starting to see are asphaltenes. Asphaltenes are formed when diesel fuel is heated under high pressure as it passes through today’s high pressure fuel injection systems. These systems operate at about 30,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) which is about six times the pressure of the previous conventional fuel injection systems. The drastic increase in pressure combined with temperatures that can easily exceed 200 degrees act to actually cook the fuel and can create asphaltenes – small pieces of tar about 2 microns in size. These asphaltenes turn the fuel a dark brown color and can congregate and clog your fuel filters. They also can make up a significant part of the dark sludge that you see in many fuel storage tanks. The solids form a layer of tacky, gummy slime that grows over time and eventually must be removed.

It is worth noting that many of us can initially mistake asphaltenes for “algae” or microbial growth that can also clog our fuel filters.  Not until we have already treated the fuel with an EPA registered biocide unsuccessfully is it apparent that the problem is not what we thought but is instead asphaltenes.

How does one identify if equipment has asphaltene contamination? Some of the symptoms are as followed:

  • Filter Plugging
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Loss of power
  • More frequent injector replacements
  • More frequent filter changes
  • More money out of pocket!

Fortunately for you, Fuel Ox offers a product designed to remove and prevent the formation of asphaltenes. Fuel Ox Asphaltene contains ingredients that not only eliminate asphaltenes, but also prevent them from forming and turning fuel dark and sludgy. In addition to protecting against asphaltenes, Fuel Ox Asphaltene contains all of the benefits of our flagship product including our patented catalyst, stabilizers, water remover, and detergents and lubricity agents to promote better fuel quality and engine function! So before spending money on a costly engine or tank cleaning, pick up a bottle of Fuel Ox Asphaltene today and protect against the formation of asphaltenes.

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