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Should I Use A Fuel Additive For My Gas Powered Engines?

When someone hears the term fuel additive, many will have imagines of fuel treatments meant for large, heavy duty diesel vehicles conjured in their heads. They imagine large, lifted pickup trucks with smoke stacks emitting vast amounts of black soot and smoke, or even larger tractor trailers and box trucks with stained rear doors from […]

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Injectors Clean

Fuel injectors are nozzles that deliver a measured high-pressure spray of fuel into your engine’s combustion chambers. Your computerized engine tells the fuel injector when and how much fuel should be delivered thousands of times per minute in all diesel and gas-powered vehicles. With the exception of your personal driving behavior, the efficiency of your […]

Video Killed the Radio Star? Today’s Combustion Catalysts vs. Conventional Fuel Additives

Is 2020 the year that Combustion Catalysts gain the acceptability and adoration of the heavy trucking/equipment community? What is the difference between fuel additives with and without Combustion Catalysts anyway? Fuel additives range greatly in strengths and weaknesses. Most of the better ones offer the benefits of added lubricity to make up for that which […]

Kerosene vs Winter Fuel Additives

Kerosene is frequently used in the winter time to prevent fuel gelling and to improve winter cold flow operability. A kerosene blended diesel fuel is a combination of  #1 diesel fuel (kerosene) and #2 diesel fuel. The diesel fuel to kerosene ratio is usually found between 80:20, 70:30, 60:40, or 50:50. Benefits of Kerosene The […]

The Benefits of Combustion Catalysts In Fuel Additives

In the fuel industry, fuel additives range in strengths and weaknesses. However, what makes Fuel Ox™ stand out from its competitors starts at our patented combustion catalyst: a component unheard of in any other additive. This catalyst is key in what makes Fuel Ox™ the most powerful fuel additive in the world. What is Catalytic […]