Fuel Ox™ is a multifunctional and comprehensive fuel treatment that enhances fuel combustion and engine performance.

Our additives are designed to be soluble in any fuel, extremely concentrated, and drastically improve the efficiency of the fuel systems that are treated while inhibiting common fuel related issues. Our highly concentrated formula allows for easy dosing and a small inventory.

Diesel Engines & The Need For
A Fuel Treatment

Trucks, heavy machinery and equipment are under conditions that lower RPMs, build-up deposits of carbon, increase emissions and DPF regenerations, while wearing down and causing injectors to foul.The overuse of diesel vehicles combined with today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and bio-diesel blends can cause an array of issues that can cause hindrance to efficient production. The damage caused to your engines can be very costly in time, money, and client dissatisfaction. Fuel Ox™ provides diesel treatments to combat fuel related issues, enhance combustion, and reduce emissions and DPF regenerations.

Winter Weather, Diesel,
& Frozen Fuel Protection

As the winter months approach, the drop in temperature creates a threat of the overall efficiency and performance of diesel engines. These low temperatures can cause diesel to gel and create conditions that cause these fuel systems to operate improperly or not even start.

Protection against these fuel issues starts with a strong anti-gel additive to prevent fuel from gelling. Fuel Ox™ provides anti-gel fuel treatments to protect against winter temperatures.

Home Heating Oil, Bio-Diesel Blends, & Gelled Fuel

Similar to diesel, home heating oil and low temperatures can create inadequate conditions for home heating oil systems to operate properly or even start. Not only that, but bio-blend fuels degrade more quickly and gum up the interior components of fuel systems. Oxidation of fuel creates an acidic environment causing deterioration of seals and the gumming up of interior components. Fuel Ox™ provides both indoor and outdoor treatments with a strong anti-gel, sludge dispersant, and stabilizers.

A multi-functional and performance enhancing additive. Contains lubricity agents, detergents, as well as a patented catalyst that improves overall vehicle performance.

Our flagship product, Fuel Ox™ provides these benefits:


  • Extremely concentrated formula: 1oz of Fuel Ox can treat 80 gallons of fuel.
  • Completely soluble in all petroleum based fuels
  • Cleans & lubricates
  • Protects against ethanol
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Removes water
  • Keeps fuel stable for up to two years
  • Reduces soot and smoke, noxious fumes and gases
  • Provides approximately a 7-10% increase in fuel economy
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