National Sanitation Foundation Institute (NSF) Certifies Fuel Ox’s “Infinity Lube Super Spray” as Safe for Use in Factories and Facilities Working with Foodstuff

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ASBURY, N.J.Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fuel Ox’s powerful lubricant, Infinity Lube Super Spray, the revolutionary, 100% plant-based metal treatment that can be used as a penetrant, lubricant, and cutting fluid as well as a cleaner, conditioner and protectant of all metal surfaces can now add that it’s National Sanitation Foundation Institute (NSF) certified as Food Grade H-1; meaning it’s also safe for use in facilities with foodstuff.

“We are incredibly proud of this designation,” said Rand Taylor, CEO of Fuel Ox. “Gone is the stigma that plant-based industrial products are less powerful. Our Infinity Lube Super Spray has been tested against all sorts of competitive products; outlasting conventional toxic petroleum based sprays by up to 10 times, performing in an assortment of applications that other sprays would not even dream about, and reducing toxicity by 100%.  Now that it’s also NSF certified- it’s truly one-of-a-kind.”

Fuel Ox’s Infinity Lube Super Spray is designed for any commercial or residential external mechanical system and/or metal surface that needs a lubricant, cleaner, degreaser, surface protectant, or cutting fluid.  Fuel Ox’s proven, plant-based products also help to reduce toxic chemicals in the environment, which are normally emitted by other petrochemical competitors. Infinity Lubes are much more concentrated and powerful, resulting in needing less replacement parts, less power to operate the machinery, and a safer work environment for all.

Taylor added, “We have several more incredible products like this in the pipeline, and we’re excited to roll them out.”

Infinity Lube™ Super Spray is an advanced lubricant that cleans, conditions and actually changes the metal, making it harder than it was originally. This results in less wear, less corrosion and improves/protects metal surfaces. Infinity Lube™ Super Spray contains a mixture of bio-based elements and plant-based essential oils and is infused with our exclusive HDI-2500 concentrate technology. This technology fortifies the Infinity Lube™ Super Spray to the highest level of superior lubrication and corrosion resistant performance.  Use on all exposed machinery and metal components to reduce friction, clean, degrease, protect, or free rusted or corroded nuts, bolts, and metal parts; forklifts, chains, cables, moving metal parts, metal tracks, etc.

The Fuel Ox® (www.fuelox.com) is an international corporation dedicated to providing fuel consumers with the most technologically advanced fuel treatments and lubricants on the market while helping them reduce their footprint on the environment with bio-based, eco-friendly and almost completely toxin-free products. Registered as Industrial Sustainability Group (ISG) and based in Asbury, NJ, The Fuel Ox manufactures fuel additives and lubricants to help improve fuel efficiency, operating life and performance of industrial equipment while reducing maintenance costs, equipment downtime, emissions, and pollutants. Its flagship products are Fuel Ox® with Combustion Catalyst and Infinity Lube™.

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