Throw your old additive overboard

In the marine industry, the combination of ethanol mixed fuel or Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and an environment surrounded by water is a blueprint for problems. Corroded or gummed injectors or carburetors, plugged filters, as well as the risk of phase separation can cause repairs on top of an already expensive investment.

These issues that can cause significant damage to engines and cost you time and money. Itā€™s no question that fuel additives are fundamental for a smooth operating watercraft.



Fuel Ox Marineā„¢ is not your average fuel treatment.

Fuel Ox Marineā„¢ protects and prevents common fuel related issues. These military grade additives are highly concentrated and improve combustion and overall engine performance. It is designed to be soluble in any fuel and drastically improve the efficiency of the fuel systems that are treated while inhibiting common fuel related issues.

Fuel Ox Marineā„¢ contains a unique combustion catalyst that allows for a cleaner burn. This provides less buildup of soot, smoke and a significant reduction in exhaust emissions. This catalyst also increases fuel efficiency and power.

I’ve started using Fuel Ox Marineā„¢ about two years ago. We’ve saved about 7% on our fuel, the engine runs as smooth as I’ve ever heard it, and there’s absolutely no exhaust emission. I can truly recommend the product.

Captain Carl Sheppard / Star Fish - Beach Haven Charters

Canyon Lady limped into port returning from a 90 mile run. Port racor kept filling with water to the point port engine stopped running. After draining separator, replacing filters, flushing and bleeding my common rail system it kept happening to the point I kept separator drain open so fuel would continue to flow to engine so I could get everyone safely home. Long story short and after much trial and tribulation and blaming a fuel delivery after repeatedly doing this dance in the engine room for 7 hours while mate ran the boat, we made it home.  I discovered a bad fuel cooler that was filling my fuel tank with returned fuel filled with salt water. Everyone said it was the end of my pump and injectors. Well after draining, flushing, replacing filters and adding about an ounce of Fuel Ox Marineā„¢ to filter bowels  and final filters, the engine started and ran perfectly. I have to credit adding Fuel Ox to my tanks every time I’ve fueled up for the last 5-6 years for saving my injection system and thousands of dollars. Thank you Fuel Ox Marineā„¢!

Capt. Dave P. / Canyon Lady

Fuel ox marineā„¢

Complete fuel treatment & combustion catalyst
3oz, 8oz, 16oz
A multifunctional and performance enhancing marine additive. It is designed to remove water from fuel, significantly delay phase separation, and provide better fuel efficiency.
Extremely concentrated - 1oz treats 80 gallons of gas or diesel
Increases fuel economy & engine responsiveness
Decreases emissions such as soot & smoke
Removes water
Inhibits ethanol related issues
Cleans, lubricates, & protects against corrosion
Stabilizes fuel for up to two years
Delays the process of phase separation

Fuel oxā„¢ Winter Shock

Complete stabilizer
2oz, 16oz
An ā€œend-of-seasonā€ additive to maintain the effectiveness of fuel that will sit in fuel tank.
Extremely concentrated - 1oz treats 60 gallons of gas or diesel
One-time treatment
Removes water
Inhibits ethanol related issues
Cleans, lubricates, & protects against corrosion
Stabilizes fuel for up to two years
Delays the process of phase separation



Captain Brian Bacon of Big Game Sportfishing uses Fuel Ox Marineā„¢ in all over his boats : gas or diesel.  He loves how it reduces emissions, removes water, and increases power and fuel economy.


I have been using Fuel Ox Marineā„¢ for three years. The engines in both boats are running great, with very little soot, and a definite increase in performance and efficiency. Unlike other additives, you only need to add a small amount to treat a lot of fuel, so a bottle goes a long way.  I highly recommend it for any fuel application.

Captain Tyler Macallister / F/V Cynthia C

We use Fuel Ox Marineā„¢ with every fill up. Not only have the motors run cleaner, we have improved our fuel consumption. This is a must use product for any and all boats.

Jason Little / Fin Chasers

We’ve been using Fuel Ox Marineā„¢ for the past few years for our own use on winterizing all of our engines and outboards. In prior years using different fuel additives, we had some issues with spring start ups. Since switching to Fuel Ox Marineā„¢ we’ve had no problems with start ups in the spring. I’ve also turned a lot of my customers onto it, and they have found they are improving gas mileage. I also use the product personally and happen to think it’s a very good product.

John / Al & John's Marine Services