The Five Myths About Fuel Ox™

The 5 Myths about Fuel Ox™

You may be searching for reviews or looking for more information on Fuel Ox™ Complete Fuel Treatment and Combustion Catalyst. The claims of larger than life benefits for your engine maybe the reason you’ve started your search for answers on this mysterious fuel treatment. To make your search a bit easier, we’ve provided a list of what we found most people find to be the “myths” about our additive, Fuel Ox™

1. “Fuel Ox™ can’t be THAT concentrated!”

Well, our additive is in fact extremely concentrated! One ounce of Fuel Ox™ treats up to 80 gallons. Most diesel and gasoline treatments contain ingredients like naptha, glycol ether, kerosene, and other alcohol derivatives that take up empty space and can be corrosive to engines and engine system components. We add no fillers to our products, which make them easier to store a small inventory and apply to the fuel tank.

2. “I’ve never heard of an additive that can treat both gas or diesel….”

Fuel Ox™ does in fact work in all petroleum based fuels! Our additive was initially designed for the military, which uses eight different grades of fuel. They needed one additive that is highly concentrated and can treat for each fuel so that it makes shipping it around the world simple. Fuel Ox™ actually works in diesel, gas, heating oil, bunker, HFO, and even aviation fuels. And yes, the treatment ratio is the same for all fuels.

3. “How can Fuel Ox™ treat for all these fuel issues?”

Our largest customers, including the US Department of Defense, prefer one additive that offers a multitude of benefits. Far too often we hear about competing brands that offer one product to remove water, one to stabilize, etc, etc. It’s inefficient and costly to buy all of these products! Our prerogative is to put everything into one fuel treatment to guarantee the most protections possible. We also don’t want our customers buying 2-3 different additives from us to solve a problem that should require one additive.

4. “I doubt your fuel treatment can REALLY improve my fuel economy.”

Actually, Fuel Ox™ contains a patented combustion catalyst that does give an increase your fuel mileage. Although we can’t reveal our “special ingredient,” we can tell you how it works. Our catalyst allows fuel to combust at an earlier temperature which increases the combustion cycle, providing a longer burn. This leads to more hydrocarbon molecules being burnt, which means more BTU’s being burnt, which equals more energy, power, and fuel savings than found in normal combustion. It also means that less unburnt hydrocarbons are coming out the back as soot and emissions. In fact, all of the newer equipment containing DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) systems undergo regenerations LESS using the Fuel Ox additive. Still don’t believe it? Please email us directly at info@fuelox.com for fuel savings data or visit our YouTube Channel to hear what our customers are saying!

5. Wow, this Fuel Ox™ treatment must be “magic”

While we hear this pretty often, we regret to inform you that it is not all snake oil and magic. The chemistry found in our fuel additives is proven and does work, but it doesn’t take one treatment to make all your engine dreams come true. It takes about 5 fill ups with consistent dosing of our product to achieve the all of our benefits.

Still hesitant to try? Call us directly for more information on our treatments or sign up for our trial discount to test how Fuel Ox™ can help!

26 thoughts on “The Five Myths About Fuel Ox™

  1. Bob says:

    I picked up a bottle at the NY boat show and will begin using it this season. It will be easy to add to my diesel tanks in the right amount. My question is that I would also like to treat the gas that I use for my small dinghy outboard. How would I get the right amount into a 1 gal portable tank for instance? Is it a problem if I use too much?

  2. Mike says:

    What does it do to moisture in the gas tank
    Dose it mix with water to burn it or dose it separate the water and leave it on the bottom of the tank or the top ?
    Thanks in advance

  3. Robert R. says:

    I have a 115 go Yamaha outboard and use Yamaha ring free additive in my gas can I use fuel ox with the ring free?? And will using your product affect my warranty? Thank you

    • Jessica Schwarcz says:

      Hi Robert,

      If you use Fuel Ox, it will ultimately replace your ring free as it will also clean out the carbon build-up in your engine. However, if you feel more comfortable using both Fuel Ox and Ring Free, they are compatible and won’t have any adverse reactions if they are used together. Fuel Ox will not affect your warranty either!

      Let us know if you have anymore questions!

    • Patrick says:

      Hi Jessica, so when you say you filter out the water to the bottom instead of burning it, what does that really mean? Sounds to me like all the water goes to the bottom of the tank? Please let me know as I would really like to try your product in our boat this upcoming season.

  4. Patrick says:

    Hi Jessica, so when you say you filter out the water to the bottom instead of burning it, what does that really mean? Sounds to me like all the water goes to the bottom of the tank? Please let me know as I would really like to try your product in our boat this upcoming season.

    • Jessica Schwarcz says:

      Hi Patrick,

      Great question! So the majority of the water found suspended in your fuel will be forced out through you water separators. Fuel Ox™ forces the remainder (the very minuscule amount) of water through your separators, or filters as well. You may have to manually remove the water from your filters. However, it is still a safer alternative compared to burning the water (emulsification) and how it can cause significant damage to your injectors. Our YouTube channel consists of over 100+ testimonials — mostly from boat shows and those who use it on their own personal boat. A lot of the testimonials mention that water is no longer an issue for them! You can check out those testimonials by clicking here

      Let me know if that answers your question! Should you have anymore questions or need anything else at all, please feel free to reach out at info@fuelox.com.

  5. Toby says:

    Hello, so if I use this product due to the scarcity of finding non-ethanol gas I can go to any gas station and use regular gas for my Yamaha outboard? If so how often do you recommend changing the water fuel separator using this product?

    • Jessica Schwarcz says:

      Hi Greg,

      Thanks for reaching out! Yes, Fuel OX increases the shelf life of fuel. We have stabilizers in our formula to prevent fuel from degrading for up to two years.

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

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