Testimonials from some of our best customers


Joel Slaymaker, Owner, Slaymaker Transport

Joel has been using Fuel Ox® as well as Fuel Ox® Cold Charge since 2015. He likes how Fuel Ox is 1 gallon for every 10,000 gallons. It makes storage and application easier than with other fuel additives. He also has noticed that his equipment has gone from 5-5.25 mpg to 5.75 -6 mpg.


Captain Mike from Wilmington, DE

Captain Mike has been a customer of Fuel Ox® since 2015. He uses Fuel Ox® in his boats and notices better fuel efficiency as well as less emissions in his diesels.

John, Co-Owner, Al & John’s Marine Services

John has been using and selling Fuel Ox® since 2016. He has winterized his boats and has never had a problem. He has also noticed an improvement in fuel efficiency as well as engine responsiveness. 


Joe Valenti, Waste Reduction & Recycling

Joe has been using Fuel Ox® since 2016 specifically for his DPF systems. He has noticed a significant decrease in regenerations.


Tyler Macallister — Captain, F/V Cynthia C

I met Rand Taylor, President of Fuel Ox at the 2016 New England Boat Show in Boston, MA. We talked extensively about today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and the additives available to boost horsepower, reduce soot, increase lubricity and reduce vibration. Fishing for Giant Bluefin Tuna with a harpoon requires a smooth running engine to allow you to get close to the fish. I use a lot of fuel over the course of a fishing season, sometimes Biodiesel (B20), other times off road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. I have been using Fuel Ox® since the beginning of the fishing season and have just finished my second bottle. The engines in both boats are running great, with very little soot, and a definite increase in performance and efficiency. Unlike other additives, you only need to add a small amount to treat a lot of fuel, so a bottle goes a long way. I am now using it in my tractor as well. I highly recommend it for any diesel application.


Rory Greenley, Fuel Manager, Ace Robbins

Rory has been treating his fuel with Fuel Ox® products since 2016. He uses Fuel Ox®, Fuel Ox® Rack Winter, as well as Fuel Ox® Asphaltene.

Dean Fain, RV Transporter

“As a RV transporter have tried several fuel additives with various results. After using the free trial offer for the 3 ounce bottles that treats 240 gallons and about 3500 miles later have opted to buy 10 bottles of the OTR treatment due to the time of year and the colder temps in northern Ohio, Indiana, Pa and NY where I typically go. I have seen a increase varying from 1-3 mpg depending on weather (wind). Have seen on average 2mpg both towing and empty. Also have a smoother running engine and less smoke.

Also, a review on Fuel Ox® Cold Charge OTR product:
After using the Fuel Ox® Cold Charge OTR for 13,500 miles now have seen a increase of fuel filter life. Normally see about 9500-1000 miles on the driver information center. This time it has not gone to zero until now at 13,500 miles. Also like to say that it works as it says have driven in -6 degrees weather and no sign of gelling. 

Just for informational purposes this is a older truck, 2005 GMC Sierra 2500hd, 6.6 liter Duramax Diesel. Makes a little over 500hp to the ground. 375000 miles on the odometer.

Also want to give a shoutout to Al at Fuel Ox®. Great customer service and great personality. Prompt delivery. Love the shirt.”


Alen, Wicki Wholesale Stone

Alen has seen a decrease in his regens since he began using Fuel Ox™ since 2015.