• Joe Schimmenti, Fleet Manager, East Brunswick Department of Public Works

    Mark Tangas, Owner, Gateway Leasing

    Don Quick, Owner, Beekman Farms

    Todd Boston, Fleet Manager, Pittsgrove Board Of Education

    Anthony DeLarosa, Fleet Manager, Ridgewood Department of Public Works

    Gary Stoltzfus, Fleet Manager, Lehigh Hanson

    Charlie Smith, Head Mechanic, Belleville Department of Public Works

    Rory Greenley, Fuel Manager, Ace Robbins, Inc.

    “I use Fuel Ox all year round: Fuel Ox when it’s warmer and Fuel Ox Cold Charge in the winter. I get no gelling or clumping. No problems whatsoever.”

    Rich Lilenthal, Franklin Lakes Public Works

    “We have been running Fuel Ox in the tugs for over a year. The high pressure fuel sensors on our John Deer engines used to get clogged but we no longer have that problem when using the additive. We used to have to change the fuel filters every 150-250 hours and now its every 600-700 hours! The reduction in sludge on the filters is also noticeable! What used to be 3-4 ounces of sludge is now next to nothing!”

    Luke, Head Mechanic, Brewster Marine LLC.

    “Our engines run smoother and cleaner with Fuel Ox. We go through less injectors than we used to. Performance is up and we look forward to using Fuel Ox more in the future.”

    Eddie and Mike, Fleet Managers, Weaber Lumber

    “I use Fuel Ox™ in all of my equipment- packers, heavy machinery, and generators! I especially like how it stabilizes the fuel in the generators because we need to depend on them in case of an emergency.”

    Chaz Mawson, Equipment Manager, Gloucester Township MUA

Ellie, Owner, Curtin Marina

 Ellie, Owner, Curtin Marina

“I met Rand Taylor, President of Fuel Ox at the 2016 New England Boat Show in Boston, MA. We talked extensively about today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and the additives available to boost horsepower, reduce soot, increase lubricity and reduce vibration. Fishing for Giant Bluefin Tuna with a harpoon requires a smooth running engine to allow you to get close to the fish. I use a lot of fuel over the course of a fishing season, sometimes Biodiesel (B20), other times off road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. I have been using Fuel Ox since the beginning of the fishing season and have just finished my second bottle. The engines in both boats are running great, with very little soot, no algae problems and a definite increase in performance and efficiency. Unlike other additives, you only need to add a small amount to treat a lot of fuel, so a bottle goes a long way. I am now using it in my tractor as well. I highly recommend it for any diesel application.”

Tyler Macallister, Captain, F/V Cynthia C

 Tyler Macallister, Captain, F/V Cynthia C

“My service truck used to have 2-3 regens a week! Since I started using Fuel Ox in February we have only had 2 regens! The stuff works!”
John Scullin, Superintendent of Service Delivery, Conrail

 John Scullin, Superintendent of Service Delivery, Conrail

“Since using Fuel Ox we have had no regen’s at all. We used to have 2-3 per month on each vehicle. We have also noticed a significant increase in fuel economy. Most of our mixers were getting around 2 mpg and are now getting around 3! We are very satisfied with the product!”
Chris Rowlands, Fleet Manager, Quandel Concrete

 Chris Rowlands, Fleet Manager, Quandel Concrete

“I have been using Fuel Ox in my tractor trailers and lowboys for the last year and a half. I like how Fuel Ox is 1 gallon for every 10,000 gallons. It makes storage and application easier than with other fuel additives. Also, my equipment has gone from 5-5.25 mpg to 5.75-6 mpg. It’s nice to know that I am I saving money.”
Joel Slaymaker, Owner, Slaymaker Transportation

Joel Slaymaker, Owner, Slaymaker Transportation

“Our diesel buses run a lot better since using Fuel Ox. There is definitely less soot and smoke since using the additive! Better engine function and overall performance!”
Al Marsillo, General Manager, Union BOE Transportation

 Al Marsillo, General Manager, Union BOE Transportation

“All of our water issues are gone. There are no more water reading lights. Our fuel used to be cloudy, but has had ZERO issues since implementing the Fuel Ox program.”
Mike Press, Fleet Manager, Pemberton BOE Transportation

 Mike Press, Fleet Manager, Pemberton BOE Transportation

“Our customers are really happy with Fuel Ox Marine! They get better fuel economy and their engines run better with less hesitation. We sell a lot of it here!”


Ivan, Store Manager, Liberty Landing Marina

“One of my customers had a Mercury Mercruiser 4.3L with a clogged carburetor that was giving him rough idling and poor fuel economy. He was trying products like Startron and Valvtect but the engine performance only improved when he used Fuel Ox. Now he has no problems! We carry Fuel Ox and our customers love it!”


Barbara, Owner, Long Pond Marina

“I get 10% better fuel economy in my buses when I use Fuel Ox! They went from 8 mpg to 9 mpg and run a lot smoother!”

Rick DeLong, Fleet Manager, Monroe Township Schools

“As a Amateur fisherman, fuel is one of my biggest expenses! I use Fuel Ox in my boat and see a 10% difference in fuel economy! That’s a big number!”

Carmine Tango, Amateur Fisherman

“I use Fuel Ox to keep my engines clean and free of bacteria. It’s also very easy to use because it’s so concentrated- 1 gallon treats 10,000 gallons of fuel!”

Steve Fabian, Owner, Parkway Iron & Metal


Nick Markantes, Owner, Westwood Banana Co.