The Fuel Ox® with Combustion Catalyst additive was originally developed for ultra high intensity applications which included use by the United States Department of Defense. It was designed to be soluble in all petroleum based fuels, extremely concentrated, and to drastically improve the efficiency of the fuel and the longevity of the engine components in very harsh climates. Fuel Ox®’s highly concentrated formula allows for easy dosing and a small inventory.

In 2014, Fuel Ox, LLC began marketing this uniquely powerful line of additives. From these humble beginnings, President Rand Taylor and his son, Alec, began by reaching out to local construction and trucking companies, farmers, municipalities, and independent operators. They proceeded to build a strong base of loyal customers by priding themselves on excellent customer service, attention to detail, and the prompt fulfillment of custom orders. Five years later, Fuel Ox® has grown to become an established and respected company whose products are utilized by many corporate leaders.

Rand Taylor
Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Rand is the President of Fuel Ox® since 2014 and is a University of Michigan alum.

Paul Mazzanobile

Paul is the President since 2020. He co-founded Strutz, Inc and co-founded DARTMetrix. He graduated from Emory University, receiving a B.A. in economics.


Alec Taylor
Co-Founder/Director of Operations

Alec is the Director of Operations since 2014 and is a Bates College alum with a bachelor’s degree in American History.


Jessica Schwarcz
Marketing Manager

Jessica is the Marketing Manager since 2016 and is a Sweet Briar College graduate with a bachelor’s degree in History.

Jim De Benedetto
Account Manager

Jim is the Account Manager since 2019 and is a Cairn University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Education. 

Tom Johnston

Tom is the accountant and book keeper since 2019 and a University of Rutgers alum with a bachelor’s degree in Business/Accounting.