The Fuel Ox additives have been used by the United States Department of Defense for over 35 years. These additives were designed to be soluble in any fuel, extremely concentrated, and drastically improve the efficiency of the fuel systems that were treated while inhibiting common fuel related issues. In 2014, Fuel Ox, LLC began selling these remarkable additives commercially to companies that use any petroleum based fuels. Fuel Ox prides themselves in their excellent customer service by fulfilling custom orders to various industries.

Rand Taylor

Rand is the President of Fuel Ox since 2014, and is a University of Michigan alum.

Alec Taylor
Director of Operations

Alec is the Director of Operations since 2014, and is a Bates College alum with a bachelor’s degree in American History.


Jessica Schwarcz
Marketing Manager

Jessica is the Marketing Manager since 2016, and is a Sweet Briar College graduate with a bachelor’s degree in History.