Our mission is to supply customers with environmentally friendly products and services that improve sustainability and operating efficiency.

Our Fuel Additives cut Greenhouse Gases & Emissions up to 50% or more

Our Lubricants are 100% Plant-Based & provide 700% more protection against friction wear & last up to 20 times longer than our competition

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    About Industrial Sustainability Group, Inc.

    The Fuel Ox® with Combustion Catalyst additive was originally developed for ultra high intensity applications which included use by the United States Department of Defense. It was designed to be soluble in all petroleum based fuels, extremely concentrated, and to drastically improve the efficiency  of the fuel and the longevity of the engine components as well as the fuel itself in very harsh climates. Fuel Ox®’s highly concentrated formula allows for easy dosing and a small inventory.

    In 2014, co-founders Rand Taylor and son Alec Taylor founded Fuel Ox™ based on the core principals of bringing to market the most sustainable, best performing products at fair prices, in conjunction unparalleled customer service. From the quintessentially American beginnings of starting Fuel Ox® in their garage, Rand and Alec reached out to local construction and trucking companies, farmers, municipalities, and independent owner operators who have become loyal customers.

    In addition to the successful Fuel Ox® fuel additive line of products, Industrial Sustainability Group™ launched the revolutionary product line called Infinity Lube™. The birth of Infinity Lube™ is the conclusion of a 25 year case study, born in metallurgy, that presents sustainabilities never witnessed in the history of Tribological Sciences (the study of friction, wear, and lubrication). The Super Grease (SG), Liquid Friction Eliminator (LFE) and Penetrating Lubricant Spray (PLS) are all infused with this technology and are able to treat any lubricant needing application you can imagine.

    Inspired by early experience in blade smithing and metal forging, as well as ongoing tribological research and education, ISG™ has worked to identify solutions to wear and fretting of metal services that result in machine degradation and failure. This led to formulating, testing, and perfecting a proprietary blend of natural botanicals and essential oils that went beyond traditional lubrication to condition metal friction points through the process called carbonitriding. Infinity Lube™ essentially case hardens the machine from within.

    Drawing from the heat generated by friction, carbonitriding diffuses carbon and nitrogen into metal to create a smooth, super-hard protective alloy surface that reduces friction, lowers operating temperatures and substantially decreases wear of vital machine components while improving operational efficiency and sustainability. The formulation, HDI-2500, became the active ingredient in Fuel Ox® Infinity Lube™ which was introduced in January 2021 in liquid, spray and grease formats.
    In February 2021, with the goal of adding more earth friendly products, Fuel Ox® reorganized under the umbrella of Industrial Sustainability Group™ (ISG).