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Fuel Ox™ is the most versatile and effective fuel additive on the market. It is ideally suited for treatment of vehicles in the trucking industry due to the fact that The Fuel Ox™ contains a patented catalyst that improves combustion resulting in:

  1. better fuel economy,
  2. less emissions that, in turn, result in
  3. less strain on DPF systems and a decrease in regenerations by 60%-70%

Fuel Ox™ also removes carbon build up and injector fouling while adding lubricity to the upper cylinder heads and injectors.

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Recommended Products

Fuel Ox 8oz

The Fuel Ox (16oz, 64oz, gallon, drum)

A multifunctional and performance enhancing additive. Contains lubricity agents, detergents, as well as a patented catalyst that improves overall vehicle performance.

  • Extremely concentrated formula: a little goes a long way, 1oz of Fuel Ox can treat 80 gallons of fuel.
  • Completely soluble in all petroleum based fuels
  • Cleans out fuel system and prevents sludge from building up
  • Prevents any microbial growth (kills bacteria and prevents any bacteria from growing in tank
  • Protects against ethanol by coating the tank and preventing any ethanol corrosion
  • Contains a demulsifier, which will safely separate the water from the fuel and expel it through filters. No water is being passed through injectors or carburetors, preventing overuse and long-term damage)
  • Will keep you fuel stable for two years
  • Fuel Ox’s patented catalyst ignites in your fuel quicker and burns longer, providing a cleaner, more productive and thorough burn
    • Reduces soot and smoke, noxious fumes and gases
    • Will provide approximately a 7-10% increase in fuel economy
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Fuel Ox Cold Charge 64oz

The Fuel Ox Cold Charge (3oz, 8oz, 16oz, 64oz, gallon, drum)

A full service winter additive that protects fuel systems from gelling and freezing while maintaining condition of fuel system.
  • Prevents fuel system icing and gelling
  • Depresses pour point
  • Reduces cold filter plugging point, soot, and smoke and emissions by 60-70%
  • Reduces regens over 50%
  • Increases fuel economy by 7-10%
  • Lubricates fuel system
  • Increases responsive power of vehicle and boosts octane
  • Protects against internal corrosion of fuel tanks
  • Cleans injectors, fuel pumps, and filters and eliminates microbial growth
  • Reduces noxious fumes and gases
  • Removes water from fuel
  • Completely soluble in all petroleum based fuels
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Fuel Ox Heat Bomb

The Fuel Ox Heat Bomb (16oz)

A winter emergency formula that restores the flow frozen or gelled fuel.

  • Re-liquefies frozen or gelled fuel
  • Unfreezes frozen fuel filters
  • Removes water
  • Protects against fuel-filter icing or freezing
  • Increases lubricity in fuel pumps and injectors
  • Soluble in all petroleum based fuels
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