Don’t Let Your Fuel Degrade

Both gas and diesel can begin to degrade in three weeks, In fact, with today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel it can be become unusable within one year while bio-diesel blends have a lifespan of only half of that.

Degraded fuel can be identified dark or murky fuel, slimy filters, sludge buildup, floating particles in tank, as well as an increase of smoke and soot.

Water accelerates the degradation process as it initiates the process of phase separation in gasoline. Also, the hot temperatures in the high pressure rail systems can also degrade fuel through asphaltene contamination as it is returned to the tank.

With bad fuel, comes corroded fuel injectors, clogged filters, an increase of emissions, loss of power and lower RPMs, even engine failure.

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Stabilize Your Fuel Before It’s Too Late

Fuel Ox™ contains stabilizers to protect both gas and diesel from degrading and becoming unusable.In addition, Fuel Ox™ protects against corrosion, removes water, contains detergents, and replenishes the missing lubricity found in today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel.

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Fuel Ox™ is the most comprehensive fuel additive in the world

  • 1oz of Fuel Ox can treat 80 gallons of fuel.
  • Completely soluble in all petroleum based fuels

  • Cleans out fuel system and prevents sludge from building up 

  • Prevents corrosion

  • Protects against ethanol

  • Contains a demulsifier, which removes water
  • Stabilizes fuel for two years
  • Fuel Ox’s patented catalyst provides a cleaner, more productive and thorough burn
  • Reduces soot and smoke, noxious fumes and gases
  • Will provide approximately a 7-10% increase in fuel economy


We accommodate a wide range of industries from fuel delivery to the marine industry to trucking and heavy machinery.

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