What is a regeneration?

After 2007, it was a requirement to install a diesel particulate filter, or DPF, into any diesel engine in order to reduce the amount of air pollution. These DPFs collect soot while the engine is running. The filter needs to be cleaned out through the process of burning in order to have the diesel engine run effectively and smoothly. Typically, a light will switch on notifying the driver that the DPF is in need of a regeneration. This in turn forces the driver to either slow down or completely pull over while the temperature in the exhaust system increases to burn out the soot from the filter.

What effect does a regeneration have on a vehicle?

When a vehicle regens, it can slow you down, eat up your fuel, and expel dark clouds of smoke as it burns the soot that became caught in your (DPF).

How does Fuel Ox reduce regenerations?

Fuel Ox is the only fuel additive in the industry that has a monumental effect in the reduction of regenerations. The X Factor: Fuel Ox’s organometallic combustion catalyst. This patented catalyst lowers the combustion point in diesel so that the fuel will combust at a lower temperature. Typically, diesel has a combustion point of around 800°F. This unique catalyst allows for the fuel to combust 200°F lower than the normal combustion point and burn at a longer rate. The result: a cleaner and more productive combustion of your diesel. The cleaner combustion provides less buildup of soot in your diesel particulate filter which means less regenerations.

How much can Fuel Ox Help?

Fuel Ox can significantly reduce regenerations and double the life of your DPF. No other additive can decrease the amount of necessary regens as much as Fuel Ox.

How else does Fuel Ox’s catalyst help?

Fuel Ox’s Complete Fuel Treatment and Combustion Catalyst improves combustion efficiency.  This improvement results in higher fuel economy, less soot and carbon deposits and lower emissions.  It also increases the usable energy yield (measured in BTU’s) per pound of fuel.  The reduction in carbon deposits within the combustion chambers helps reduce wear and maintenance costs. Our product lubricates and protects injectors as well as the entire fuel system. This reduces scored injectors and plugged filters. Existing sludge is dispersed, and future sludge formation is inhibited. This ensures clean injectors are misting the smallest particles possible – more surface area to burn more completely.  Overall, more complete combustion yields more power and less waste (soot, smoke and emissions) from each pound of fuel consumed.

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