Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)


Vehicles manufactured after 2007 struggle with the regeneration cycle. Those diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are a hassle; they slow you down, eat up your fuel, and create costly downtime.

The Regeneration Cycle

The EPA required the installation of a diesel particulate filter, or DPF, into any diesel engine in order to reduce the amount of air pollution. These DPFs collect soot while the engine is running. The filter needs to be cleaned out through the process of burning in order to have the diesel engine run effectively and smoothly.

This process is known as a regeneration, or regen for short. Typically, a light will switch on notifying the driver that the DPF is in need of a regeneration. This in turn forces the driver to either slow down or completely pull over while the temperature in the exhaust system increases to burn out the soot from the filter. In the newer systems, much of this takes place as the engine is running normally. Unfortunately, it uses extra fuel and also does nothing for the fact that all DPFs have a finite number of regenerations before they must replaced.

How Fuel Ox™ Makes A Difference

Fuel Ox® is one of the only fuel additives in the industry that has a major effect in the reduction of regenerations. 

The X Factor: Fuel Ox®’s organometallic combustion catalyst. This patented catalyst creates a quicker ignition which leads to a more thorough combustion cycle while burning more of the fuel in the chamber, thereby reducing the amount of soot to be caught by the DPF.

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This unique catalyst allows for the fuel to combust 200°F lower than the normal combustion point and burn at a longer rate. The result: a cleaner and more productive combustion of your fuel. The cleaner combustion provides less buildup of soot in your diesel particulate filter which means less regenerations, a cleaner burn of fuel and a significant reduction in exhaust emissions.

In addition to reducing regens, Fuel Ox® does so much more!

  • Extremely concentrated formula: 1oz of Fuel Ox can treat 80 gallons of fuel.

  • Completely soluble in all petroleum based fuels

  • Cleans out fuel system and prevents sludge from building up

  • Prevents sludge and carbon buildup

  • Protects against ethanol

  • Contains an emulsifier, which removes water from fuel

  • Stabilizes for two years

  • Fuel Ox®’s patented catalyst promotes a more thorough burn of the fuel. This catalyst provides a cleaner more productive combustion.

  • Reduces soot and smoke, noxious fumes and gases

  • Increases fuel economy by 7-10%