Fuel Ox offers three additives designed to reduce fuel related service calls and increase customer satisfaction with heating oil. The additives are concentrated so that low doses will get the job done. The products are 100% soluble in fuel so they are easy to mix with fuel anywhere from the rack to the tank. Keep that peak efficiency all season long with Fuel Ox H.O.T. products!

This product treats 250 gallons.

Reduces pour point by 30°F
Demulsifier – Removes water from the fuel
Polymerization Retardant – Prevents formation of solids
Dispersant – Disperses existing solids in the fuel
Lubricant – Lubricates the fuel system
Detergent – Cleans injectors
Corrosion Inhibitor – Prevents internal tank corrosion
Permits perpetual fuel storage – Permits up to five year storage
Reduces “No Heat Calls” – reduces fuel-related service calls as a result of filter, strainer, and nozzles blockage


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