Fuel Ox® H.O.T. is an all-purpose indoor heating oil additive that improves efficiency of home heating systems. H.O.T. removes water, lubricates and cleans the fuel system, prevents internal tank corrosion, permits fuel storage for up to five years, reduces fuel-related service calls.

  • 8oz treats 275 gallons
  • Contains Antioxidants for to prevent acidity and breakdown of seals due to biofuels
  • Removes water from the fuel (Emulsifier)
  • Prevents formation of solids.
  • Disperses existing solids in the fuel.
  • Lubricates the fuel system.
  • Cleans injectors.
  • Prevents internal tank corrosion.
  • Permits up to five year storage.
  • Reduces fuel-related service calls as a result of filter, strainer, and nozzles blockage.