An Industrial Sustainability Group™ Company

Industry has struggled forever to find a way to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining its capital equipment. Friction and inefficient combustion are the greatest destroyers of machinery, efficiency, and the environment. We provide the industrial world with the most powerful lubricants and fuel additives that not only extend the life of equipment but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption, maintenance, and replacement parts costs. The Fuel Ox® Infinity Lube™ and Fuel Ox® fuel additive line of products have accomplished this and by doing so offer value far beyond that of our competition.

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our commitment to sustainability globally

Fuel Ox® has grown dramatically and now offers lubricants as well as fuel additives. With a focus on big industries with huge fuel consumption like mining and transportation, Fuel Ox® supplies companies on 5 continents.

Fuel Ox® is also committed to offering our technologically advanced products to smaller users as well.

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partnership highlights

We are proud to be partnered with various groups in multiple industries.