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You will never meet or exceed maximum efficiencies without the utilization of Cool-Ox!


why infinity lube™ cool-ox

Cool-Ox reconditions, restores and maintains efficiency by improving heat transfer in condenser and evaporator coils in the air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration systems. Cool-Ox is a metal conditioner and surface modifier that cleans and transitions metal surfaces into laminar surfaces with friction coefficients less than 0.1. This increase in lubricity makes A/C systems blow colder air and saves energy by having less run time. It is extremely important to note that Cool-Ox does not include elements of the halogen group such as chlorine, fluorine and sulfur that form highly corrosive acids like other competitors products. Cool-Ox does not contain PTFE (Teflon) or any other particulates like powdered metal or plastics. Cool-Ox has been thoroughly endorsed, tested and proven to be the only product of its kind. Whether you own a home or business this energy saving product is an absolute must and a tribute to American engineering.

  • Cool-Ox permanently restores A/C to “like-new” condition increasing system performance.
  • Drastically reduces KWH energy consumption providing substantial energy savings, as much as 30%.
  • Reduces noise, vibration, enhances heat transfer, reduces oxidation, reduces maintenance, keeps valves from sticking and improves suction and discharge of the compressor.
  • Removes oil fouling and prevents future fouling from clogging the unit.
  • Makes A/C units blow colder air and increases removal of latent heat (moisture in the air) making HVAC systems have less run time which reduces your electric bill.
  • Meets ASTM and ASHREA standards and will not affect manufacturer’s warranty

Infinity Lube™ Cool Ox improves cooling systems efficiency and performance by extending equipment life and reducing maintenance costs, electrical amperage, as well as reducing electrical bill by as much as 30%. Cooler air is delivered much faster as well as reestablishes lost SEER performance.

Cool-Ox applications include:

  • HVAC/Air Conditioning (Residential & Commercial)
  • Pre-Cooling & Manufacturing Processes
  • Refrigeration storages, Transportation, & Distribution
  • Automotive, Truck and Reefer A/C Systems

Proof that cool-ox works

Business Owner Chris Walker treated his 4 ton office unit that was installed in 2014 and is 200 yards from the Atlantic Ocean in Melbourne, FL. He treated it with 4 ounces of CoolOx — at the recommended ratio of 1 ounce per ton of rating. Prior amperage needed to run the unit was 13.6. After treating the unit and allowing it to run for 4 hours the amperage needed to run the unit was 8.52. Anecdotally he mentioned that his office temperature was 69°F and with 95°f outside as it was he has never seen the temperature inside the office less than 75°F.

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  • Plant based & toxin free
  • Reduces electrical energy caused by friction of the contacting points
  • Reduces up to 30% or more on electrical bill. Amperage reductions of up to 50%
  • Improves pool boiling & thermodynamics which delivers colder vent air faster
  • Reduces equipment maintenance costs & compressor noises
  • Extends equipment/cooling systems life
  • Reestablishes lost system SEER (seasonal energy efficient ratio) performance
  • Reduces oil fouling
  • Improves lubrication in compressor

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