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Construction, heavy machinery, and mining vehicles are regularly under high idling times, constant operation, infrequent high speeds, and heavy weights. These conditions can lower RPMs, buildup deposits of carbon, increase emissions and regenerations, and wear down and foul injectors.

The overuse of these vehicles combined with today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and bio-diesel blends can cause an array of issues that can slow production, damage engines, and cost your business time, money, and clients.

It’s no question that in the diesel world, fuel additives are fundamental for a smooth operating vehicle.



Fuel Ox™ fuel treatments protect and prevent common fuel related issues. These military grade additives are highly concentrated and improve combustion and overall engine performance.

Fuel Ox™ contains a unique combustion catalyst that allows for a cleaner burn. This provides less buildup of soot in your diesel particulate filter which means less regenerations, a cleaner burn of fuel and a significant reduction in exhaust emissions. This catalyst also increases fuel efficiency and power.

Farmer Don Quick of Beekman Farms has seen substantial results from using Fuel Ox™.

Problems When Using Heavy Machinery & Diesel


Water is the key component for initiating phase separation and corrosion, degrading the quality of fuel, or complete and total engine destruction.

Injecting water with fuel can cause your engine to cut out, create irregular idling, or produce gums, sludge, and varnishes which can cause injectors to malfunction.

Darkened fuel, as well as black or white smoke can indicate a significant level of water in your fuel.

Fuel Ox™ removes water from fuel. Fuel Ox™ also contains anti-corrosive properties to protect against the corrosion from water from your fuel.


Diesel vehicles made after 2007 struggle with the dreaded regeneration cycle. Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) are a hassle; they slow you down, eat up your fuel, and create costly downtime. Fuel Ox is proven to reduce regens by improving combustion so that there are less unburnt hydrocarbons being expelled into the filter, resulting in less regenerations. Additionally because of the cleaner burn, your EGR valves remain much cleaner too.

Fuel Ox™ contains a patented catalyst that ignites fuel at a lower temperature while prolonging the burn. Diesel burns cleaner and more productively. This thorough combustion allows for less buildup of soot which means less regens, less bakeouts, and less DPF replacements.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)


Most of today’s heavy duty engines employ a high pressure fuel injector system where pressures are routinely greater than 30,000 PSI. As the fuel passes through the engine, it is heated and the combination of this heat with the high pressure cooks the fuel and creates little pieces of tar approximately two microns in size — asphaltenes.

Asphaltenes can be identified by little black particles or discolored fuel or they can even create a black coating of sludge on your filters.

They can cause filters to plug, decrease fuel economy, and increase the need to clean and replace filters and injectors.

Fuel Ox Asphaltene has all of the same benefits of our flagship product, but it will also inhibit the formation of and break down any asphaltenes that have already formed in the fuel.


Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, or ULSD, refers to the process of removing the sulfur in diesel fuel.

While reducing the amount of sulfur in fuels does provide less expensive and “environmentally friendly” diesel, it has one major drawback: reducing the amount of sulfur reduces the lubrication necessary for an engine to function properly.

Sulfur is a natural lubricant when added to the fuel, promoting an efficient and smoothly operating fuel system.

However, removing the sulfur from diesel causes a significant decrease in the lubricity for injectors and upper cylinder heads, causing corrosion and wear on the pumps, and ironically an increase in emissions.

Fuel Ox™ replenishes lubricity that is lacking in today’s fuel.


Cold weather brings with it a threat to your fuel system. When the temperatures drop, diesel can become clouded and gel-like due to the paraffin wax found in diesel. This transition known as “cloud point” can cause the diesel to not combust as well while also plugging filters.

If the temperatures drop low enough, the fuel can hit it’s “pour point.” Diesel will freeze all together and no longer flow, becoming unusable until the fuel re-liquefies.

Fuel Ox Cold Charge™ has all of the same benefits as Fuel Ox, but will reduce the effects of wax by lowering the pour point by 15° – 20°F.

If you find yourself with already gelled or frozen fuel, Fuel Ox also offers an emergency diesel additive known as Fuel Ox Heat Bomb™, that will thaw and restore gelled or frozen fuel safely and efficiently.

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Maintain the performance of your engine by treating your diesel at every fill up with Fuel Ox additives.

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