Fuel up, fuel smart

In the heating oil and fuel delivery industries, constant maintenance is necessary to ensure stable, responsive, and efficient oil heating and fuel systems and tanks. Issues like corrosion, stabilization, and insufficient lubrication can lead to an increase in emissions, sludge, and degraded fuel.


Today’s Ultra Low Sulfur fuels and bio-diesel blends can cause an array of issues that can damage engines and fuel tanks, require expensive repairs, and cost your business time, money, and clients.

It’s no question that in the fuel world, fuel treatments are fundamental for smooth operating vehicles and fuel systems.



Fuel Ox™ heating oil and rack treatments protect and prevent common fuel related issues. These military grade additives are highly concentrated and improve combustion and overall engine performance.

The Fuel Ox Heating Oil Line is designed to reduce fuel related service calls and increase customer satisfaction with heating oil.

The Fuel Ox™ premium and rack additives designed for bulk use at terminals and gas stations.

Problems in the heating oil & fuel delivery industries


Cold weather brings with it a threat to your fuel system. When the temperatures drop, diesel can become clouded and gel-like due to the paraffin wax found in diesel. This transition known as “cloud point” can cause the diesel to not combust as well while also plugging filters.

If the temperatures drop low enough, the fuel can hit it’s “pour point.” It will freeze all together and no longer flow, becoming unusable until the fuel re-liquefies.

Fuel Ox H.O.T. Freeze Guard™, Fuel Ox H.O.T. Cold Charge™, and Fuel Ox Rack Winter™ contain an anti-gel that reduces the effects of wax by lowering the pour point of fuel.


Water is the key component for initiating phase separation and corrosion, degrading the quality of fuel, or complete and total engine destruction. 

Injecting water with fuel can cause your engine to cut out, create irregular idling, or produce gums, sludge, and varnishes which can cause injectors to malfunction.

Darkened fuel,as well as black or white smoke can indicate a significant level of water in your fuel.

Fuel Ox Heating Oil Treatments (H.O.T.)™ as well as the Fuel Ox Rack additives is prepared to protect against water in your fuel and passing through the engine. They are designed to filter water out of fuel. These additives also contain anti-corrosive properties to protect against the corrosion from water from your fuel.


Both gas and diesel can begin to degrade in three weeks, In fact, with today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel it can be become unusable within one year while bio-diesel blends have a lifespan of only half of that.

With bad fuel, comes corroded fuel injectors, clogged filters, an increase of emissions, loss of power and lower RPMs, even engine failure. 

Degraded fuel can be identified dark or murky fuel, slimy filters, sludge buildup, floating particles in tank, as well as an increase of smoke and soot.

Fuel Ox H.O.T.™, Fuel Ox H.O.T. Cold Charge™, and Fuel Ox H.O.T. Freeze Guard™ are stabilizers and will prevent heating oil from degrading for up to two years.

Fuel Ox Rack All-Season™ and Fuel Ox Rack Winter™ also will keep fuel stable and prevent fuel degradation for up to two years.


Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, or ULSD, refers to the process of removing the sulfur in diesel fuel.

While reducing the amount of sulfur in fuels does provide less expensive and “environmentally friendly” diesel, it has one major drawback: reducing the amount of sulfur reduces the lubrication necessary for an engine to function properly.

Sulfur is a natural lubricant when added to the fuel, promoting an efficient and smoothly operating fuel system.

However, removing the sulfur from diesel causes a significant decrease in the lubricity for injectors and upper cylinder heads, causing corrosion and wear on the pumps, and ironically an increase in emissions.

Fuel Ox Rack All-Season™ and Fuel Ox Rack Winter™ replenishes lubricity that is lacking in today’s fuel.


Water combined with fuel creates produces a form of crude acid that begins to corrode the inside of your tank. It can cause tank leaks, fuel system damage, and in the case of heating oil, loss of heat.


The Fuel Ox Heating Oil Treatments (H.O.T.) and the Fuel Ox Rack Additives contains an anti-corrosive that will coat tanks and fuel systems and prevent corrosion from occuring.

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