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Fuel Ox™ Organometallic Catalyst effect on Polarization & Oxygenation of Diesel Fuel

The purpose of the Fuel Ox™ fuel catalyst is to generate a more complete combustion of diesel fuel by breaking up the fuel clumps in the fuel. The reason diesel fuel contains clumps of fuel molecules is because the molecules have an electrical charge. It is the polarization of these fuel molecules that causes them to clump together (Figure 1).

Because of this clumping, air cannot reach the molecules on the inside. Black smoke or soot is the result that occurs when large amounts of fuel molecules escape through the exhaust without being burned (Figure 2).

The Fuel Ox™ catalyst eliminates the polarization binding the fuel clumps together. When the fuel clumps break apart the molecules are ready for oxygenation which results in a more complete combustion.

The Fuel Ox™ catalyst exposes more diesel fuel molecules to air which ensures the molecules can achieve a more complete combustion. The catalyst increases uniformity of the fuel molecules making it possible for the injectors in the engine to oxygenate fuel more efficiently (Figure 3).

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