Fuel Ox™ is a multifunctional and comprehensive fuel treatment that enhances fuel combustion and engine performance. 

Designed to replace the lubricity agents stripped from today’s low sulfur diesel fuels. Fuel Ox™ is tested safe and effective in all petroleum fuels.

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We accommodate a wide range of industries from fuel delivery to the marine industry to trucking and heavy machinery.

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How we resolve fuel issues

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)


Any vehicle made after ’07 struggles with the regeneration cycle. Those DPFs are a hassle; they slow you down, eat up your fuel, and create costly downtime.

Fuel Ox contains a patented combustion catalyst. that creates a quicker ignition which leads to a more thorough combustion cycle while burning more of the fuel in the chamber.

The result: a cleaner and more productive combustion of your diesel. This cleaner combustion provides less buildup of soot which means less regens, less bakeouts, and less DPF replacements.


Both gas or diesel can attract water into fuel tanks through natural condensation, loose fitting fuel caps, or groundwater seepage into underground tanks. Water can be extremely detrimental to your vehicle: degrading fuel quicker, initiating phase separation, as well as causing corrosion and possibly complete and total destruction of your engine.

Fuel Ox was designed with a emulsifier that will prevent any of the negative effects that water can cause in a fuel tank for both gas and diesel. Fuel Ox also contains anti-corrosive properties to protect against the corrosion from water from your fuel and disperse it out through the racors, separators, or filters of a vehicle.

Gelled or Frozen Fuel

The low temperatures of the winter months can cause diesel to begin to gel or freeze in the fuel tank. This can create inadequate conditions for engines to operate properly or even start.

The simplest method is to use a fuel additive that has an anti-gel that will allow the fuel to withstand colder temperatures. Fuel Ox Cold Charge lowers the pour point by 15°F and allows diesel fuel to resist freezing or gelling.

Fuel Economy

Getting the most out of your gas and diesel becomes a priority with unpredictable trends in fuel pricing.

Fuel Ox™contains a patented combustion catalyst that gives our additive an edge. The combustion catalyst creates a more thorough burn of the fuel, resulting in about 7-10% better fuel economy.

Reduced Lubrication in Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

Although reducing the amount of sulfur in fuels does provide less expensive and environmentally friendly diesel, it causes a significant decrease in the lubricity for injectors and upper cylinder heads.

Fuel Ox™ incorporates lubricants that replenishes lubricity that is lacking in today’s fuel.

Soot, Smoke, And Other Emissions

No one likes soot and smoke. Not only does it make you look unprofessional, but everyone knows its bad for the environment. Fuel Ox™ has been show to substantially lower diesel particulate matter, CO2, NOx, and many other types of emissions.

Similar to how Fuel Ox tackles regenerations, Fuel Ox™ contains an organometallic combustion catalyst that lowers the combustion point and generates a longer burn. Due to this more efficient combustion, there is a significant reduction of unburned fuel and emissions such as soot or smoke, being burned and diffused into the atmosphere.


The addition of ethanol in fuel has become commonplace throughout the United States. It holds water, can cause corrosion and phase separation which can be destructive to your engine.

Fuel Ox will control the affects of ethanol by coating the fuel system and preventing ethanol corrosion while also significantly curbing phase separation in fuel.


When storing fuel, you risk the dangers of spoiled, unusable fuel. It can take as quickly as three weeks for gasoline to begin to expire due to oxidation while diesel begins to degrade as soon as it leaves the refinery.

Fuel Ox has incorporated a fuel stabilizer in the formula to prevent your fuel from spoiling for two years. In addition, Fuel Ox can protect against internal tank corrosion as well as safely filtering water out through the appropriate channels.


Each Fuel Ox™ additive is concentrated, versatile, and powerful

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