Protect your engine

Ethanol, ULSD, water, solid buildups: the list goes on and on. These are the things to cause wear and tear on your engine and fuel system. Whether you get a bad batch of fuel or these problems naturally occur, they can be a pain to deal with and even more of a pain to shell out the money to fix the problem.

You can buy an additive that cleans the fuel system, an additive for the ethanol, an additive to remove water, etc. Or you can purchase Fuel Ox™, your full service additive that will help maintain the performance of your engine while aiding in routine maintenance. 

Fuel Ox™ is multifunctional and concentrated

The Fuel Ox™ additives are your one-stop-shop to keep your engine running smoothly. A little bit goes a long way to protect against fuel related issues such as:

  • Water
  • Reduced lubricity in ULSD
  • Formation of solids
  • Ethanol
  • Clogged filters
  • Expired fuel

Fuel Ox™ not only extend your engine life, but improve the overall performance of your vehicle

  • Extremely concentrated formula: 1oz of Fuel Ox can treat 80 gallons of fuel.

  • Completely soluble in all petroleum based fuels

  • Cleans out fuel system and prevents sludge from building up

  • Protects against ethanol

  • Contains a demulsifier, which will safely separate the water from the fuel and expel it through filters.

  • Will keep you fuel stable for two years

  • Fuel Ox’s patented catalyst ignites in your fuel quicker and burns longer, providing a cleaner, more productive and thorough burn

  • Reduces soot and smoke, noxious fumes and gases

  • Will provide approximately a 7-10% increase in fuel economy

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We accommodate a wide range of industries from fuel delivery to the marine industry to trucking and heavy machinery.

All Fuel Ox products will assist in extending the life of your engine