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When Should I Use An Anti-Gel?

There’s a lot of upsides to diesel fuel. More vehicular power, greater fuel economy, but one of the main downsides of diesel fuel is that it does not fair well in cold weather. When temperatures drop, diesel forms crystals that clog fuel fuel filters and fuel lines. Not only does this cause engines not to […]

Heating Oil Dormant Months

ARE YOU PREPARED FOR NEXT SEASON? As the weather begins to warm up and the winter craziness begins to die down, you may think that it is no longer necessary to use an anti-gel in your heating oil tanks. It may seem obvious to use a stabilizer once the season ends and heating oil tanks […]

When The Weather Freezes…Make Sure Your Diesel Doesn’t

As the winter months approach, the drop in temperature creates a threat of the overall efficiency and performance of diesel engines. The dangers of these chilly temperatures can create inadequate conditions for engines to operate properly or even start. Protection and prevention of these risks start with becoming familiar with the difficulties diesel owners face […]