Fuel Ox™ & Fracking

Fracking equipment and vehicles are under constant operation at infrequent speeds and intensity. They also tend to idle for long periods of time. These conditions can build-up deposits of carbon, increase emissions and DPF regenerations, while wearing down and causing injectors to foul. Issues like corrosion, stabilization, and insufficient lubrication can lead to an increase in emissions, and sludge. Today’s Ultra Low Sulfur fuels and bio-diesel blends can cause an array of issues that can damage, require expensive repairs, and cost your business time, money, and clients.

So how can Fuel Ox™ help your operation?

Fuel Ox™ with Combustion Catalyst provides a cleaner more efficient burn, allowing for a reduction of emissions such as soot/coal, CO2 and NOx. This decrease in soot/coal results in less DPF regenerations, bakeouts and replacements as well as cleaner and longer lasting EGR systems. This more thorough burn also increases power and engine responsiveness as well as fuel efficiency by 5-10%.

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